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To ensure reliability, Kimono condoms undergo a series of rigorous tests
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Kimono Condoms exceed US and International standards for strength and reliability.
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What makes Kimono® MicroThin® Barely There® condoms better?

  • The original MicroThin condom
  • America’s thinnest family of condoms
  • 5X tested for strength and reliability. Exceeds US and ISO standards
  • Top rated by consumers for 30 years
  • Made with premium natural latex using state-of-the-art Japanese technology
  • Vegan friendly, no animal or milk proteins
  • No displeasing latex smell
  • Contains no spermicide
  • Lubricant on all condoms is paraben and glycerin free*
  • No Nitrosamines

*(except Kimono MicroThin Plus with Aqua Lube water-based lubricant)


about “The best 'all-natural' with protection.”
womens health “Kimono made sex feel more intimate, and the water-based lube wasn't at all sticky.”
about “I prefer Kimono MicroThin condoms. These are great because they come in a “large” size, so they fit nice and allow for a lot more sensation.”
about “So thin and comfortable, pleasure is enhanced because more sensation can be felt.”
about “Kimono condoms are best for the more discriminating condom user.”
about “He said: ‘Hello Kimono. I give this one the ultimate praise because I didn’t even notice it.’ She said: ‘It sure felt good. It seemed to be the thinnest condom here.’”


“The Kimono went on easily with almost no latex scent.”

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